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AFA Committee Administration

Please find AFA's Running an AFA Event Guidance. This takes you through how to run an event from approval to where to file the paperwork after the event, including every step inbetween.

Running an AFA Event

Please find attached an Event Checklist which must be completed for every AFA event. Please pass the Event Checklist to the Chair for approval before the event.

Event Checklist

Please see attached Risk Assessment Forms for all AFA run events. Please note that there are different forms depending upon whether the event is run on site or off site. Please ensure that the completed forms are passed to the Chair for approval, who will then liaise with the School for approval.

On Site Risk Assessment

Off Site Risk Assessment

Please see AFA's Event Finance Checklist, available for download. A finance checklist must be completed whenever you are running an AFA event. Please see "Running an AFA Event" for further details.

Events - Finance Checklist

Please find AFA's Cash Float Sheet. Please complete and send to the treasurer should you require a cash float for your event. Please give as much notice as possible, with a minimum of one week.

Cash Float Sheet

Please find attached AFA's Takings Sheet Workbook. Please use this sheet to record your cash and cheque takings (using separate sheets within the workbook to list the cheques if possible) and pass together with the funds to the treasurer for banking. In the event you are banking your own funds, please just pass the workbook to the treasurer. 

Takings Sheet

Please find AFA's Expense Claims Sheet. Please complete and pass, together with any receipts, to the treasurer. Please note that all expenses will have been approved in advance.

Expense Claim Sheet

Please find AFA's Pre-Authorisation of Expenditure Request Form. Please note that this form is intended for the exceptional circumstances where the expenditure for an event is anticipated to be over and above the expected expenditure that was included within the budget when the event was approved by the committee.

Pre-Authorisation of Expenses Form

Please see below the AFA logo and an AFA letter template available for download. Please ensure that these are only used if you are writing as a representative of AFA.

AFA Letter Template

AFA Logo

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